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Kygoは、世界から注目を集めているノルウェー出身の若手DJでプロデューサーです。この「Stay」は、彼が、Republic Recordsに所属する女性シンガー、Maty Noyesをフィーチャーした歌です。アルバム「Cloud Nine」に収録されています。



Thought I could leave you
Because I felt my heart numbing
It hits so deep
I closed my eyes and I just took off running
I turned around and saw the look on your face
So I stayed, stayed

But I don't need you
And you should know that, baby
It'd take a miracle for you
To really try and change me
And I feel sorry for the look on your face
So I stayed, stayed

So I stayed, stayed...

You want to leave her
Don't want to hurt no body
I don't believe a single word you say
Or that you're sorry
Why can't I say no to the look on your face?
I just stay, stay
So I stayed, stayed...

You push me away, push me away
But I always stay, I always stay, yeah

But will you?
Will you, will you?
So I stayed, stayed...

I stay, I stay
Oh why do I stay?
So I stayed, stayed

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