The End of the World

The End of the World

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The End of the World両手略譜と五線譜が完全に一致します。

The End of the Worldは、ロサンゼルス出身のシンガーソングライター Billie Eilish のカバー曲。オリジナル歌手がRob Dickinson。Rob Dickinsonイギリスのミュージシャン、楽器演奏家及びバンドCatherine Wheelのシンガーソングライターである。

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The End of the World歌詞:

[Verse 1]
And we would live again
In the simplest of ways
Living day after day
Like some primal animals
We would love again
Under glorious suns
With the freedom that comes with the truth
If the end of the world was near
Where would you choose to be?
If there was five more minutes of air
Would you panic and hide?
Or run for your life?
Or stand here and spend them with me?
If we had five more minutes
Would I, could I
Make you happy?
[Verse 2]
So it finally came to pass
I saw the end of the world
I saw the madness unfold like
Some primal barrier
And I look back upon
And the moment of truth
Between you and me
If we had five more minutes of air
To breathe
And we cried all through it
And spent them with me
On the last few drags of air
We agree
I was
And you were

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