My Future-Billie Eilish

My Future-Billie Eilish

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My Future両手略譜と五線譜が完全に一致します。

My Futureは、いま世界中で大人気の、Billie Eilish(ビリー・アイリッシュ)の新曲。彼女の強い生き方や考え方がにじみ出る歌詞は、現代の若者から大きな共感を呼んでいます。この曲では、恋愛ではなくて 自分の成長のほうが大切だから別れを選ぶ、という強い女性像が描かれています。

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My Future歌詞:

I can't seem to focus
And you don't seem to notice
I'm not here
I'm just a mirror
You check your complexion
To find your reflection's all alone
I had to go
Can't you hear me
I'm not comin' home
Do you understand
I've changed my plans
'Cause I I'm in love
With my future
Can't wait to meet her
And I I I'm in love
But not with anybody else
Just wanna get to know myself
I know supposedly I'm lonely now
Lonely now
Know I'm supposed to be unhappy
Without someone
But aren't I someone
Aren't I someone
I'd I'd like to be your answer
Be your answer
'Cause you're so handsome
You're so handsome
But I know better
Than to drive you home
'Cause you'd invite me in
And I'd be yours again
But I I I'm in love
Love love love love
With my future
And you don't know her
And I I'm in love
Love love
But not with anybody here
I'll see you in a couple years

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