Lost in the Woods-アナと雪の女王2挿入歌

Lost in the Woods-アナと雪の女王2挿入歌

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Lost in the Woods-アナと雪の女王2挿入歌楽譜概要


Lost in the Woods両手略譜と五線譜が完全に一致します。

Lost in the Woodsは、アメリカ合衆国のコンピュータアニメーション・ミュージカル・ファンタジー映画『アナと雪の女王2』の挿入歌。『アナと雪の女王2』は、ウォルト・ディズニー・アニメーション・スタジオ製作によるアメリカ合衆国のコンピュータアニメーション・ミュージカル・ファンタジー映画。2013年公開の『アナと雪の女王』の続編。2019年11月22日に日米同時公開。キャッチコピーは「なぜ、エルサに力は与えられたのか―。」。

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Lost in the Woods歌詞:

Again you're gone
Off on a different path than mine
I'm left behind
Wondering if I should follow
You had to go
And of course it's always fine
I probably could catch up with you tomorrow
But is this what it feels like
To be growing apart
When did I become the one
Who's always chasing your heart
Now I turn around and find
I am lost in the woods
North is south right is left
When you're gone
I'm the one who sees you home
But now I'm lost in the woods
And I don't know what path you are on
I'm lost in the woods
Up 'til now
The next step was a question of how
I never thought it was a question of whether
Who am I if I'm not your guy
Where am I if we're not together
Now I know you're my true north
'Cause I am lost in the woods
Up is down day is night
When you're not there
Oh you're my only landmark
So I'm lost in the woods
Wondering if you still care
But I'll wait
For a sign
For a sign
That I'm your path
'Cause you are mine
You are mine
Until then
I'm lost in the woods
Lost in the woods
Lost in the woods
Lost in the woods
I'm lost in the woods
Lost in the woods
I'm lost in the woods

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