Black Panther-Black Panther挿入曲

Black Panther-Black Panther挿入曲

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Black Panther-Black Panther挿入曲楽譜概要


Black Panther両手略譜と五線譜が完全に一致します。

Black Pantherは、2018年のアメリカ合衆国のスーパーヒーロー映画Black Pantherの挿入歌。『Black Panther』(ブラックパンサー)は、2018年のアメリカ合衆国のスーパーヒーロー映画。製作はマーベル・スタジオ、配給はウォルト・ディズニー・スタジオ・モーション・ピクチャーズ。監督はライアン・クーグラー、出演はチャドウィック・ボーズマン、マイケル・B・ジョーダン、ルピタ・ニョンゴなど。

その他にBlack Pantherの挿入曲Pray for Meが提供しており、どうぞご利用ください!

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Black Panther歌詞:

King of my city
King of my country
King of my homeland
King of the filthy
King of the fallen, we living again
King of the shooters,
Looters, boosters, and ghettos poppin'
King of the past, present, future, my ancestors watching
King of the culture,
King of the soldiers, king of the bloodshed
King of the wisdom, king of the ocean, king of the respect
King of the optimistic and dreamers that go and get it
King of the winners, district and geniuses with conviction
King of the fighters,
King of the fathers, king of the belated
King of the answer,
King of the problem, king of the forsaken
King of the empathy, your resentment king the remorse
King of my enemies, may they father feed and rejoice
King of the skyscrapers, dodging haters,
Broke religion, nine faces
Going against my race with position
I embrace them with collision
Kings did it, king vision, Black Panther, King Kendrick
All hail the king
I dropped a million tears
I know several responsibilities put me here
I don't pedal backwards but I live old-fashioned
And the lens that I'm looking through
Won't prescribe me the right glasses
Masses are now free
Ashes I'm dumping out, 'bout to spread 'cross all seas
Sisters and brother in unison, not because of me
Because we don't glue with the opposition,
We glue with peace
And I'm still 'gone fuck up your organization if any beef
What do you stand for
Are you an activist
What are your city plans for
Are you an accident, are you just in the way?
Your needle tongue contradicting what your body language say
Are you a king or you joking
Are you king or you posing
Are you a king or you smoking moon rocks to keep you open
Because the king don't cry
King don't die
King don't lie
King give heart
King get by
King don't fuck
Kingdom come
When I come, you know why
King, king, king, king
I am T'Challa!

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